Monthly Special for March 2017

How To Sign Up And Other FAQs

By Dennis Drenner on 24 Feb 2018
in Preparing for your shoot

This month I’m doing specials on Wednesday, March 21st. The available time slots are:
9-9:20am, 9:25-9:45am, 9:50am-10:10am, 10:15am-10:35am, 10:40am-11am 12pm-12:20pm, 12:25pm-12:45pm, 12:50pm-1:10pm, 1:15pm-1:35pm, 1:40pm-2pm, 2:30pm-2:50pm, 2:55pm-3:15pm, 3:20pm-3:40pm, 3:45pm-4:05pm

It's $150 for a 20 minute session, including one free retouch. Take a look at the FAQ below for more details and scheduling info, and if you still have questions please email me at

The fact that a time slot is on this list does not necessarily mean it is available. So please give me a few options while booking (more on that below).

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule and reserve a time?

If you are interested in an appointment, please email me ( 2-3 time slots that would work for you --in order of preference-- and I’ll let you know what works.

Once I have confirmed an available spot with you, please PayPal the entire session fee to me (my PayPal email is This deposit is non-refundable and your appointment time cannot be changed, so please schedule carefully! After we've decided on a time, you have 24 hours to pay the session fee.

I don't understand this once per month thing. Does this mean I need to come in every month?!

While I would love to see you every month, that's not the intention here! This is just a special deal I offer once per month for people who want a shorter session.

What do I get after the shoot and when?

I’ll upload the best photos (usually 20 or more) to a private online gallery where you can look at them, share with friends, and download the high-resolution files. I typically have these online within five business days.

Your gallery will stay online for at least a month. If I have to re-upload the images after that there is a $75 fee.

Do you retouch the images?

One basic retouch is included in your session fee. Once you’ve picked your favorite, let me know the file name (ends in .jpg) and I’ll clean up the image and put it back in the same gallery.

We do subtle retouching here, removing fly-away hairs, blemishes, and doing a bit of teeth whitening if you like. More involved Photoshop work may involve additional fees, but this usually isn’t necessary.

What if I want one more than one image retouched?

Additional retouches are $25 each.

Can I get the images on a CD?

All image delivery is through online downloads.

Can you do full body images?

Full body images require me to reconfigure the lighting, and there's not enough time for that in a shorter session. If you need full body images please choose a regular studio session.

What type of background do you use?

I prefer to work using bright white and shades of grey. I could also do black if you like. If you need a hot pink or other custom background, please schedule a private session on another day!

What if I need more than 20 minutes?

Private hour sessions are only $250, and can be scheduled at our mutual convenience.

How many clothing changes can I have?

Your session is 20 minutes and you can spend that time however you like. That said, I would recommend minimizing wardrobe changes so we can concentrate on shooting.

Check out this post for more info on what to wear for your shoot: Preparing for your shoot.

Is there a makeup artist?

Sorry, not for these monthly specials. I do work with some great hair and makeup people though, and would happy to arrange for them to come by during a private session.

Where is your studio and what advice do you have for the day of the shoot?

The studio is in my home office at 3646 Elm Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211 (grey house with a red door and a Japanese maple out front).

We’re right in the heart of Hampden where you can usually find street parking pretty easily. Please aim to arrive on time or just a few minutes before your shoot.

I can’t schedule an appointment this month. How can I find out about future specials?

Please join my mailing list here at the link below to learn about upcoming monthly specials. You can unsubscribe at any time with one click.

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