Non-Traditional Headshots

A Fun Shoot With Sydney

By Dennis Drenner on 22 Oct 2022
in Recent shoots

non-traditional headshot in baltimore

Sydney came in for some updated photos the other day, and after nailing a few traditional headshots, we played around with different moods and lighting styles. I dusted off my snoot and my gels and my beauty dish and we had some fun!

I call the lighting style above "the super hero," because it's the kind of thing you see in movie posters.


Later we went outside to shoot some portraits in my backyard. For these shots I used a technique I perfected years ago, stitching together a bunch of individual images into a single portrait. If you're curious how I did this you can check out my video about the technique here.


For the portrait above I used something called a snoot to focus the light in a tight beam on Sydney's face.


Here's that same snoot again with some selective lighting on the background.


Finally some great traditional headshots that she is more likely to use on her LinkedIn. Unless she's going for that super hero part of course...

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