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Combined Studio/Location Shoot With Diana

By Dennis Drenner on 4 Jun 2018
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Environmental portrait of Diana, a real estate agent in Baltimore

Diana got in touch with me recently looking for portraits to help launch her new career as a real estate agent. She was undecided about doing environmental/location portraits or studio headshots, so I made it easy said let's just do both!

Photographing on location is a lot of fun, and the choice of background can obviously be a big help with telling someone's story. It can also come with unique challenges, like the humidity and wind ruining your good hair day, not to mention rain, excessive cold or wild squirrel attacks.

realtor portraits in hampden, baltimore

What I usually recommend for outdoor sessions is that we start in the studio, and then we head to the streets for something potentially more interesting.

With Diana, after our studio shoot we hit the streets of Baltimore's hip Hampden neighborhood (which has a booming housing market). I loved the images from both parts of the session, and think they are really going to help her stand out from the competition. She comes across as knowledgeable and friendly, both extremely important in a real estate agent. I mean, who wants to spend their Saturday mornings looking at properties with a grouch?

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real estate business professional portrait of diana
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