Portraits at the US Capitol

Dennis Photographs the McLarty Scholars

By Dennis Drenner on 22 Dec 2018
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Portrait of a young woman in front of the US Capitol

A few months ago I had the pleasure of photographing this year's crop of McLarty Scholars down in Washington, DC.

Photographs at the Capitol are a staple of any DC photographer's diet, and I've shot enough of them to pay the mortgage for a few years. Still, the shots can be tricky to pull off, especially if you bring lighting. Set up in the wrong spot and you're liable to be run off by the Capitol Police, trampled by a horde of tourists from Wichita, or be set upon by a boorish gang of anarcho-syndicalists!

Young businesswoman photographed at the US Capitol

Fortunately on this day I had fine weather, friendly police officers and lovely young subjects. The photos turned out great as you can see here. I also really liked the way the images look on the McLarty website (for the record, I didn't take the photo of the red head).

Nice headshots on a company webpage
Woman photographed in front of the US Capitol

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